Luke Armstrong is a screenwriter & film director with a background in Hollywood Visual Effects. Following Graduation from his Computer Animation degree at the University of Portsmouth, he beat hundreds to attain an internship at Hollywood Visual Effects studio Cinesite, In Soho, London. Over the next five years, he worked at the top four largest VFX companies in London - Double Negative, The Moving Picture Company, Framestore and Cinesite on BAFTA & Oscar nominated movies including Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 3, Skyfall, Edge of Tomorrow, and World War Z to name a few. Aside from his professional VFX work, Luke is also an established director - having directed over fifteen shorts in the past seven years. As a passionate story teller, Luke's numerous short films have won awards on the festival circuit around the world - 2015 saw his short film 'Shadows' win best Sci-Fi and best Foreign Film at festivals in the USA. Luke continues to work on both VFX and directorial projects, with a variety of projects in development for 2016.